About Us
Our story began in 1994.

SSI (Samurai Spirit Inc.) was founded by Raymond Chen who has been responding to the needs in manufacturing and semiconductors companies with complete dispensing solution. The company was founded and continues to operate based on the principle of providing high quality dispenser, desktop dispenser, automated dispensing system and AOI vision system which is entirely developed and designed in-house.

Together with our clients, SSI strives to create innovative solution that tackles challenging dispensing and vision issues and hence helps our customers to achieve high productivity and superior quality products.

With global headquarters located in the Taipei City, Taiwan. SSI looks toward sustainable growth as it continued to expand its service by opening branches in China (Shanghai/Suzhou/Sheznzen/Guangzhou/Tenjing);Tokyo/Japan;Paris/France;Munich/German;Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia and Califonia/USA.

SSI has been developing core technologies for motion control software and vision technology for advanced process manufacturing and integration for more than a decade.

SSI was established to help market leader further enhance their process by providing them with exclusive software and algorithms system.

SSI develop Core technologies in high precision, high speed and sophisticated motion control, critical vision alignment and optical inspection as well as submicron mechanism design capabilities. SSI owns intellectual properties of self-developed software in true 5 axis motion control.

Exclusive vision alignment methods and customized optical inspection algorithm. The most advanced micro dispensing technology capable to handle < 100 um dot dispensing with very high speed and high accuracy of 3 micron repeatability.

Post optical inspection of line width, overflow, air bubble and dispensing height. SSI has vast knowledge and experience in different process including micro dispensing, AOI, precision vision pick-place, bonding , curing and micro laser machining.
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