X-Jet Valve, High Precision Piezo Jet Valve
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X+ Jet is the most advanced piezo jet ever developed so far to meet the challenge of faster dispensing speed with more reliable and consistent dispensing volume.

X+ jet has the most sophisticated robust valve mechanism design to ensure reliability of heavy duty usages but also has the most advanced software control capabilities in term of piezo movement behaviours to compensate parts wear and thermal expansion for consistent dispensing volume. X+ jet controller provides unique control capabilities of piezo stack enabling slow or fast open and close to avoid air bubble and satellite issues.

  • Valve Highest working frequency up to 3,000 per second
  • Dead point auto calibration capability for parts water and thermal expansion compensation
  • Tappet control by PID can ensure consistent tappet movements all the time
  • Built-in valve body cooling system can extend valve working life and dispensing stability
  • Fluid body has constant temperature control system for cooling or heating to keep fluid material under constant working temperature
  • Special coated nozzle is able to minimize flow resistance and provides smooth flow rate
  • Provide valve usage records monitoring valve life and abnormal conditions
  • Quick fluid body exchange design to minimize maintenance time
  • Low fluid level detection and warning capability
  • Suitable for wide range of fluid viscosity from watery fluid up to 1,000,000 mPas material

  • Unique feature of combining 32 programmable parameters for a recipe to get the best dispensing result
  • Capability of setting variable dispensing frequency to synchronize with motion speed for consistent dispensing height through the complete dispensing pattern including turning and crossing areas
  • Programmable jetting trigger delay according to the dispensing process requirement and reducing valve set-up time
  • 8 different recipes available for different applications to get the best dispensing result

  • Minimum ejection : 0.1nl/dot
  • Minimum dot : 100um
  • Applicable adhesive viscosity : 50~1,000,000mpas
  • Pressure : 0.01~0.8 Mpa
  • Dispensing frequency : 500Hz (1000Hz)
  • Extra features : Real-time action-solution mode (pre-set program glue volume change), selection pin (manual control of glue volume change)
  • Valve operating mode : 
  • Pulse mode (trigger pulse), counting mode (depending the path length), unlimited mode (triggered by external signal), external mode (application control)
  • Temperature : Nozzle heated to 150 degrees (200degrees)
  • Communication : RS-232C
  • Dimensions : Valve 96mm(H) x 61mm(W) x 15mm(D) / Controller 70mm(H) x 270mm(W) x 230mm(D)

°ýMinimum ejection, repeatability, and applicable adhesive viscosity depend on fluid properties.
°ýMaintenance cycle refers to the recommended maintenance cycle. Component replacement is recommended within the cycle.

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