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Semiconductor manufacturing process IN-LINE equipment
  • For semiconductor material processing, wafer integrated circuit and wafer package (wafer package) and other semiconductor manufacturing processes, SSI has accumulated rich experience in the development of semiconductor customized application equipment, with software and hardware functions designed for precision semiconductor process applications, extending A system for automated equipment on the semiconductor manufacturing process IN-LINE production line, providing a semiconductor client complete package coating / inspection / assembly to laser as a precision processing solution.


Laser Trenching (SSI Laser) & C.P. Fill (SSI Disp.) & Surface Coating (SSI IJP or Spray)

High-precision photonic packaging
  • The placement of the laser module requires precise heat dissipation and minimized reflection. The optical path needs to be aligned to minimize light scattering, to ensure that the photodetector must be aligned with the beam, and these areas must be accurately aligned to allow the beam to pass. The device needs to be placed in the photonic package with a high degree of accuracy. Therefore, the placement accuracy is very important in the photonic packaging assembly to achieve high-precision solutions.
  • In order to achieve this photonic packaging accuracy and effective automatic photonic packaging assembly, automated assembly equipment platform accuracy, can provide um ~ sub-um accuracy program according to the manufacturing process, including the platform must be composed of stable materials that are not affected by temperature or humidity fluctuations. For motion control, in addition to linear motors with optical encoders, which can be used to perform fast and accurate motions with very high accuracy, the sub-system modules can achieve stable sub-um accuracy through flexible modules according to process requirements. The integration of SSI Inhouse machine vision can indeed achieve ultra-high-precision judgment and program judgment for the accuracy and speed of the machine. The system design must ensure that no frequent calibration is required.

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